7 items, 1 outfit #4

1. H&M 2. ACNE 3. Top Shop 4-5. MANGO 6. ZARA 7. Forever 21
1. MANGO 2-5. Top Shop 3. Forever 21 4-6. ZARA 7. M.A.C
1-6. H&M 2-5-7 Mango 3. ZARA 4. Top Shop

And now… Dress for less!!
I usually do a post once in a while mixing items I like, and then create a couple of outfits for you to get inspired!
Is good to dream about some designer pieces…but we gotta be realistic sometimes when it comes to shopping…
Of course is possible to dress great with a less budget!
There you go some ideas from Mango, Zara, H&M,…I mean…these brands are usually my first option!
What do you guys think? :)

P.D: For all of you that have been asking me about what program do I use to create my collages… I use Keynote, Picasa or Polyvore (I am not an expert so I mix all of them and see what I get eventually! haha)
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20 thoughts on “7 items, 1 outfit #4

  1. Laetitia

    Cómo puede ser posible que me guste todo? ajajaja! esos zapatos nude de Zara los tengo metidos en la cabeza…al final caerán! aunque no sé yo si les sacaré mucho partido, son altísimos!Besazos!



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