Elin Kling

Such a fashion icon and inspiration for me.
Most of you might know her and checked her blog as least once.
But for those who don´t know her…She is the Swedish most famous and successful blogger. Elin Kling even launched her own magazine last month! Love her style…
There you go 30 outfits of her!!
Elin Kling´s blog, here!

(photos: Elin Kling blog)
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

30 thoughts on “Elin Kling

  1. Pau Villafuerte

    Hi! You have such beautiful pictures here. And I love your drawings! Totally following you now :) You think you could follow me as well? It’d be really cool of you if you do, thanks! :)http://pau-v.blogspot.com

  2. Anonymous

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