Trends: Black

Black will always work
I know I know, this season is all about color, but in my opinion, black is in the scene anytime. Definitely my favorite color when it comes to dress myself. Black is basic, flattering and timeless.
I leave you here with some trends right from the Spring Summer 2011 shows.
(Balmain, Dolce&Gabbana,Pucci, Proenza Schouler and Rag&Bone)
El negro siempre funciona
Lo sé lo sé, este verano no paramos de ver color a la hora de vestirnos, pero en mi opinión, el negro siempre estará en nuestros armarios sea la temporada que sea. Es uno de mis colores favoritos, es simple, sienta bien y no pasa de moda.
Aquí os dejo con algunas imágenes de las pasarelas de Primavera Verano 2011.
(Balmain, Dolce&Gabbana, Pucci, Proenza Schouler y Rag&Bone)

( collage: Angela Alvarez)
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32 thoughts on “Trends: Black

  1. Nihmen T.

    As much as I love color blocking and the other trends, I have to agree with you. Black is always in, and it’s so easy to pair with other pieces.

  2. Rimona

    Thanks for your comment on my DIY!Should I do more DIY’s? I really need your opinion!Anyway, black never went out of fashion! Really like your post!♥

  3. Shareena

    Hi! you have such a cool blog! I have to agree with you.. no matter what color they are fashion it, black is still timeless and super gorgeous with anyone.. ^_^

  4. Leigh

    i am so in love with black! i have started pairing black with black more, and i am loving it! great post :)

  5. lalabang

    lindas fotos, y es cierto!! por más que yo quiera agregarle más color a mi armario siempre tengo muchas cosas negras en é encanta!

  6. Caroline

    I agree, half my wardrobe is black. I love the odd spot of colour but when all else fails and I can’t decide what to wear the good old black saves the day.x



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