Hey Guys! I am still updating photos from Paris…
How do you like my “I AM A TOURIST” outfit? haha
I love the chic and sophisticated french look but 35 degrees in Paris is way to much.
¡Hola a todos! Aún sigo con fotos de Paris.
¿Qué os parece my look de turista? jaja
Me encanta el estilo sofisticado y chic francés, pero 35 grados en París es demasido.
(photos: angela alvarez)
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29 thoughts on “PARIS PHOTO DIARY 4

  1. Cinz

    gosh, can never get enough of Paris,can we! i loveeeeee the la tour effiel:)great outfit btw, chic and casual:DCinz

  2. Coop

    Hello hunn ^_^I like your blog, an I totally love this post <3 Check out my blog and if you like follow me please, cutie <3

  3. Jen

    hello beautiful angela!love this post… and love paris!you’re so pretty in the last

  4. pinkmate

    great photos! Aah I love Paris! Hope you can visit and follow my blog as well. I’m following yours! :)Vanessa

  5. Tribal Fox Vintage

    Haha, lovin the tourist outfit. Still chic! Lucky, I won’t be in Paris until sometime next year! Have fun and take lots of pictures :)xx, TFV

  6. Anonymous

    Bonjour à tous! Je ne sais pas par où commencer, mais espérons que ce sera utile pour moi.



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