July 24th, 2016

Photos from few weeks ago in the streets of Beverly Hills. In love with the palm trees and the beautiful sunsets.


Fotos sacadas en Beverly Hills hace unas semanas. Estoy enamorada de sus calles, las palmeras y las preciosas puestas de sol.  

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March, 31st, 2016

Yay!! Finally!! I am back in Los Angeles after almost 3 years! I missed this city so much! I got here yesterday and I´m ready for it all!  For those who know me well, this has been a big dream of mine for so long and now I´m here to make my dream happen for real! :) Can´t wait to write all my stories and experiences on my blog! Stay tuned! <3

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5 February 2016

Fashion shows are for sure my favorite part of my job, yet the most hectic!! ;) These images are from the last edition of MFSHOW in September. I was organizing and coordinating the Elena Miró show. From castings, fittings, timings, seating, press, and many other elements that take place on the production of a fashion show. Next week is the Elena Miró Fall/Winter 2016/17 fashion show and I can´t wait already! <3

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20 december 2015

Today I want to show you my latest discovery in hair products. I got to know La Biosthetique thanks to a collaboration they did with few of the fashion shows I organized this year. Their hair & make up teams are always great! These hair set I am showing you here is amazing!! My hair is very thick, wavy and it tends to frizz depending on the day. These products have a very soft feeling, they protect the scalp and the final result is smooth and shine. Perfect for those crazy hair days! ;) Check their beautiful website and find your perfect set for your type of hair HERE!

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